Deadly Reservation (Oceanside Mystery #2)

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Deadly Reservation (Oceanside Mystery #2)
Publication Date: 
May 2017

Book 2 of 6 in the Oceanside Hotel Mysteries- well reviewed for being clean, funny, sweet mysteries.
When Maisie Swenson stumbles onto the site of an ancient church steeped in pirate folklore, she's thrilled to explore it. She never expects to find a young woman lying in the churches yard clutching flowers like a real live Snow White. And just like the cartoon Snow White, this woman cannot be awakened.

As Maisie tries to puzzle through that situation, one of her guests is found in a coma, too. Only this one is mysteriously clutching a necklace.

Can she ever sort through all the crazy clues to find where the pirate and ghost stories end and a real life killer begins? Or are the folklore tales true after all?