Aunt Bessie Understands (Isle of Man Cozy Mystery #21)

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Aunt Bessie Understands (Isle of Man Cozy Mystery #21)
Publication Date: 
May 2019

Aunt Bessie understands why Hugh is so worried about his wife, Grace.

She’s about to have their first child, and Hugh doesn’t want her left alone in case she goes into labour. Bessie is happy to agree to spend an afternoon with the woman.

Aunt Bessie understands when Hugh, exhausted from a long day that culminated in the arrival of his child, forgets to drop Bessie off at her cottage before driving back to his own home.

Knowing that he’s not in any condition to drive anywhere, she insists that they walk to her cottage, Treoghe Bwaane.

Aunt Bessie understands that the holiday cottages they walk past are all unoccupied during the winter months.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, there shouldn’t be lights on inside any of them. When she and Hugh stumble across a dead body in one of them, Bessie understands that she’s right in the middle of yet another murder investigation.