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We love Cozy Mysteries. They are usually set in small towns and feature amateur sleuths who investigate local murders. Mystery Cozies are great to curl up with in a storm, by the fireplace or on the beach. We have compiled a list of almost 500 Cozy Mystery Series for you to explore. We are adding content all of the time. Please feel free to suggest a Cozy we have not yet added!

Cozy mystery series usually have a theme. There are quite a few cozy mysteries that have a culinary theme that offer recipes. Whatever your interest you'll find cozy mysteries featuring knitting shops, witches, ghosts, gardeners... well you get the idea!

I decided to categorize cozy mysteries on my website because when I first started reading cozy mysteries I wanted to view only cozies with a certain theme or set in a certain state. I even have them categorized by weather. Who doesn't love a cozy set in a snow storm! And holidays-- it's so much fun to read a cozy mystery at Christmas time that is set at Christmas time!

So, I hope you enjoy my website! Don't forget to click on the links to Amazon if you're purchasing a cozy!