Trouble at the Kennel (Cedar Bay Mystery #9)

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Trouble at the Kennel (Cedar Bay Mystery #9)
Publication Date: 
March 2016

Mike, the sheriff of Beaver County, Oregon and his wife Kelly, the
owner of Kelly’s Koffee Shop, have just returned from a fly fishing
trip to Cuba. On the drive home from the airport Mike gets a call
informing him that the owner of Doggie Love Kennel, where they had
boarded their dogs when they were in Cuba, has been murdered. To make
matters worse, all of the dogs in the kennel, including Rebel and
Lady, have been released and are running loose in the surrounding
area. They immediately begin to search for their dogs as well as
trying to determine who killed Mary Barnes.

They have plenty of suspects to choose from: the druggie kennel
employee; the owner of the award winning Yorkie that was impregnated
while staying at the kennel; the disgruntled head of the Pit Bull
Sanctuary who was instructed by the owner of the kennel to get his pit
bulls off of the property within twenty-four hours; the impoverished
woman whose property is next to the luxurious kennel and is jealous of
the dogs being boarded there; the kennel manager; and her husband who
has anger issues. Will Mike and Kelly find the killer before the
killer comes after them? And what about the dog named Skyy? Is she
cute enough to make Mike rethink his decision to only have two dogs?
Can she worm her way into his heart?