Tickled to Death (Claire Malloy Series #9)

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Tickled to Death (Claire Malloy Series #9) by Joan Hess
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Murder is no laughing matter—especially when it comes to marriage. So before Luanne gets in too deep with her new flame, a dentist named Dick, she’d like her best friend to do a background check. Did Dick murder his two previous wives? That’s what Arkansas bookseller and amateur sleuth Claire Malloy intends to discover…

Everything Claire turns up on this would-be blue-beard keeps leading her down a slippery slope. The police are determined to prove Dick guilty of double homicide, but Claire’s not so sure. Something about his story just doesn’t add up. But if Dick didn’t do the deed, who did? The only thing Claire knows for sure is that Luanne won’t have a moment’s rest until she finds out…

Claire's friend's new dentist boyfriend has been accused of the murders of his two previous wives. Claire tries to prove his innocence. When her efforts blow the lid off a nest of greed, passion, and murder, there's still one menacing question left, if he didn't kill his wives, who did? From the award-winning author of the Maggody mystery series.