Suffocating the Sunflowers (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #5)

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Suffocating the Sunflowers (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #5) by Cindy Bell
Publication Date: 
April 2014

After a few hiccups in their relationship, everything is back on track between Vicky and Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Slate and things have never been better. Vicky and Sarah have their hands full with planning a bridal shower and ensuring that a very wealthy couple, the Holsteads, have everything they need while they are staying at the Heavenly Highland Inn. Aunt Ida has her hands full in her search for fun and adventure.

Then things turn upside down when Sandy Holstead is found dead in her room. It looks like an accident but everything points to Chef Henry as the one who made a fatal mistake and the inn is being threatened with a law suit. Vicky believes that Chef Henry is being framed and with the help of Sarah and Aunt Ida they try to discover the truth.

Was Sandy’s death an accident? Did Chef Henry kill Sandy deliberately? Or is he being framed? Will Aunt Ida and Vicky expose the truth? Or will they just get themselves into hot water?