Skating Over the Line (Rebecca Robbins Mysteries Series #2)

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Skating Over the Line (Rebecca Robbins Mysteries Series #2) by Joelle Charbonneau
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Rebecca is desperate to sell her inherited roller skating rink in small-town Indian Falls, especially now that her long delinquent father has blown back into town. But Lionel, her large-animal vet boyfriend, thinks she should stay put. And the gang at the Senior Center wants her to track down the thief who’s been hot-wiring rusted-out classic cars. Unable to resist, Rebecca soon has the Sheriff’s Deputy threatening to arrest her for obstruction and strange, scary men threatening her life. Then cars start exploding, with people in them, and Rebecca’s father goes missing. With the help of her Elvis-impersonating grandfather, Rebecca must find the pyromaniac car thief and put a stop to him–before he stops her.