Sharpe Shooter (Cozy Suburbs Mystery #1)

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Sharpe Shooter (Cozy Suburbs Mystery #1) Lisa Thomas
Publication Date: 
March 2015

The Perry County Sheriff’s office has a problem on their hands. They found a skeleton in the closet…literally.

When they identify the man’s body 40 years after his disappearance, the family turns to their niece, Deena Sharpe, to uncover the truth about his murder. Deena, a burned-out high school teacher, soon discovers that a mysterious author is about to implicate her dead uncle in his latest conspiracy theory. She must channel her inner Lara Croft and Lois Lane to solve the puzzle and protect her family name.

With the help of her off-beat brother and others from the cozy town of Maycroft, Texas, Deena takes on a quest that leads to more questions than answers. Along the way, she discovers some truths about life and herself as well.