Rosemary Remembered (China Bayles Series #4)

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Rosemary Remembered (China Bayles Series #4) by Susan Wittig Albert
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China's herb shop in Pecan Springs wasn't a big business, but it kept her busy. So she brought her taxes to Rosemary Robbins, an accountant who reminded China a bit of her former self - preoccupied, distracted, maybe a bit overstressed. Still, Rosemary always seemed pleasant, and China wished she could get to know her better. Now, though, the chance is gone. Driving out to Rosemary's house on an errand, China discovers her accountant has been murdered. With one abusive ex-husband and plenty of former clients in the picture, there's no shortage of suspects. And with a vengeful ex-convict on the loose, there's plenty for China to worry about. As the evidence unfolds, China begins to feel that something doesn't add up. And now she's more determined than ever to make the killer pay.

China confronts her most intriguing case yet when she finds Rosemary Robbins, a woman with an unsettling resemblance to her, murdered in a pick-up truck. The local police discover that Rosemary's fiance is on the lam in Mexico City and focus on him as the main suspect. Meanwhile, China takes the advice of a psychic and finds the killer close to home.