A Really Cute Corpse (Claire Malloy Mystery Series #4)

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A Really Cute Corpse (Claire Malloy Mystery Series #4) by Joan Hess
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When Claire Malloy's best friend Luanne Bradshaw goes down with a badly sprained ankle, someone must fill in her shoes as Thurberfest beauty Pageant coordinator and usher a bevy of aspiring beauty queen through the two-day event. Enter Claire Malloy to the rescue. But this is one job Claire would gladly be fired from. Now, already fending off a hostile theater owner, and overly-agressive personal trainer, an incontinent show-dog, a fifteen-year-old daughter with more growing pains than she can count, and a talent contest in need of some talent, Claire must face one more problem--someone is trying to kill the reigning Miss Thurberfest.

When a ghastly murder scene signals the culprit's success, Claire's investigative instincts take over, but when she digs too close to the truth, the race is on to discover the killer's identity before Claire herself is crowned the next victim...

Claire Malloy, reluctant director of Farberville's Miss Thurberfest beauty pageant, is hardly prepared when a series of "accidents" befall the present Miss Thurberfest. It can only end in murder, and when it does, Claire investigates--and comes close to joining Farberville's beauty queen at the town morgue. Martin's.