Poisoned Tarts (Savannah Reid Series #13)

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Poisoned Tarts (Savannah Reid Series #13) by G.A. McKevett
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Halloween in Southern California just doesn't have the frosty bite Savannah's used to, although her latest job promises chills aplenty. The Skeleton Key Three, a celebutante clique so named by the media because of their super-skinny figures and fat trust funds, are in the spotlight again-but this time, it's for something more than partying. It seems the one member of the Three who was neither wealthy nor particularly svelte hasn't been heard from in days.

Just when Savannah thinks she has the case all figured out, the vibe surrounding the Skeleton Key Three changes from vacuous and suspicious to downright murderous. Now Savannah will have to put her Halloween candy on the shelf until she's deserving of a reward. And that means finding a killer-fast-before more Hollywood money becomes buried treasure...