No End to Trouble (St. Polycarp School Mystery #3)

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No End to Trouble (St. Polycarp School Mystery #3)
Publication Date: 
August 2015

Father Felix, Head master and parish priest at St. Polycarp Church and school has been called to serve the Vatican in Rome. Although a great honor for Father Felix, it has less than happy consequences for his loyal teachers and staff at St. Polycarp elementary school.

The new Principal is a Mrs. Logan formerly from St. Judes. She’s a severe, no-nonsense administrator who has a strict code of conduct for the teachers. Sensible shoes, conservative clothes, hair kept up in a ponytail to avoid head-lice and no chocolate.

For Mrs. Hopwood, a flashy dresser, stiletto heel fan and a chocolate lover the news is terrible. She and her fellow teacher, Mrs. Johnson, are filled with dread. To make matters worse, Mrs. Logan is bringing in new teachers, a new secretary—Miss Turnipseed who has a decidedly un-friendly attitude—and new assignments—different grade levels. Horrifying! Mrs. Hopwood is moving from the sweet security of the second grade to the scary prepubescence of the fifth. Dreadful!