Murder at the Gearhart (Cedar Bay Mystery #14)

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Murder at the Gearhart (Cedar Bay Mystery #14)
Publication Date: 
June 2018

When Kelly finds the murdered body of Chef Jessup in the walk-in refrigerator at the historic Gearhart Hotel, she has no choice but to fill in as the head chef for the prestigious James Beard Dinner honoring the legendary champion of American cuisine. She was only planning on being the sous-chef.

But who would have a motive for killing the renowned chef? The well-known food critic of The Oregonian? The owner of the Rotunda Hotel who owed money to men in Las Vegas? The masseur who was having an affair with the hotel owner’s wife? The chef’s ex-husband, who resented her success? The San Francisco chef who wanted the recipes she’d been given by James Beard’s protégé? Or the man who decided he was the reincarnation of James Beard?

Join Kelly, Sheriff Mike, and their dog, Rebel, on a vacation that turns into a hunt for a killer.