Maggie's Image (Maggie McGill Mysteries #1)

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Maggie's Image (Maggie McGill Mysteries #1) by Sharon Burch Toner
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The first of the Maggie McGill Mysteries.

When Florida psychotherapist, Maggie McGill, plans a vacation visit to her daughter, Allie, in California the mysterious events initially seem only coincidences. But as the visit is plagued by a series of increasingly dangerous events they begin to fear for their safety.

The two unsuspecting women are caught up in a mystery that causes them to follow a twisting trail of terror and uncover a diabolical conspiracy that threatens their very lives.

Who is the inscrutable Sufi mystic who provides aid through their travails? How did he become part of their adventures?

This is suspenseful story telling at it peak of gripping power tempered by a sense of fun and lighthearted mystery.