Hobby Themed Cozy Mystery Series

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Below you'll find a list of all hobby cozy mystery series. This includes cozy mystery themes such as amateur sleuth, antiques/furniture, art, coupon clipping, crochet/knitting, doll collecting, embroidery/needlepoint, quilting, scrapbooking/decoupage and sewing. You may see that a series is listed twice on this list. That is because it is categorized in several hobby sub categories. Ex: A series might be listed in the 'Sewing' category and the 'Knitting' category.

To view series that are only in a particular hobby category use the tabs on the left-hand side. Click on 'View by Category' and scroll down to Hobbies.

Scumble River Mystery Series by Denise Swanson
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

The Scumble River Mystery Series is set in Illinois and started in 2000. It features Skye Denison who moves back to her small home town, Scumble River. She is the new school psychologist.

Seacliff High Teen Mystery Series by Kathi Daley
Category: Amatuer Sleuth, Young Adult

Kathi Daley writes the Seacliff High Teen Mystery series which started in 2015 and is set in Oregon. Alyson Prescott moves to Cutters Cove, Oregon, after being placed, along with her mother, in...

Search and Rescue Mystery  by M.L. Rowland
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

M.L. Rowland writes the Search and Rescue Mystery series which started in January 2014 and is set in California. It features Gracie Kinkaid search and rescue volunteer for Timber Creek Search and...

Seaside Knitters Mystery Series by Sally Goldenbaum
Category: Crochet/Knitting/Weaving

Sally Goldenbaum writes the Seaside Knitters mystery series which started in 2008 and takes place in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. It features four women: Nell, Izzy, Cass, and Birdie. They range in...

Silver Lake Mystery Series Sophia Watson
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Sophia Watson writes the Silver Lake Mystery series which started in 2015 and is set in Illinois. It features Asia Reynolds as the primary member of a trio of three strong women...

Silver Six Mystery Series Nancy Haddock
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Nancy Haddock writes the Silver Six Mystery series which starts in September 2015 and is set in Arkansas. It features Ms. Sherry Mae Stanton Cutler and her housemates—a crafty group of retirees...

Sophie Kimball Mystery Series
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

J.C. Eaton writes the Sophie Kimball Mystery Series which started in June 2017 and is set in Arizona. Sophie “Phee” Kimball is not a cop. She’s a divorced, middle-aged mom who works as an account...

Sophie Knowles Mystery Series by Ada Madison
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

This series takes place in Massachusetts and started in 2011. It features Sophie who is a college professor. Sophie teaches math and solves murders.

Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Category: Sewing

Victoria "Tori" Sinclair is thrilled to begin her new job as head librarian of Sweet Briar, South Carolina's library. Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori...

(Southern Sisters Mystery by Miranda James
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Miranda James (aka Dean James) writes the Southern Sisters Mystery series which started in October 2014 and is set in Mississippi. It features Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote, two snoopy...

St. Polycarp School Mystery Series
Category: Amatuer Sleuth, Teacher

Marianna Heusler writes the St. Polycarp School Mystery Series. It features two Catholic school teachers, amateur detectives, who stumble on murder mysteries.

Stationery Shop Mystery Series
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Vivian Conroy writes the Stationery Shop Mystery Series which started in September 2019 and is set in Montana. It features Delta Douglas who owns the Stationery shop and solves murders.

Stephanie Plum Mystery Series by Janet Evanovich
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Janet Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum Mystery series which started in 1995 and is set in New Jersey. It features Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter with attitude. In Stephanie’s opinion, toxic...

Sugar Maple Series by Barbara Bretton
Category: Crochet/Knitting/Weaving, Witches

Sugar Maple looks like any Vermont town, but it’s inhabited with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches—and an ancient secret. And Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & String, a popular knitting shop...

Sunshine Valley Mystery  by Rita Strombeck
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Rita Strombeck writes the Sunshine Valley Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Arizona. It features Adam and Eve Iverson, a retired married couple who move to the idyllic small town...

Susan Henshaw Mystery Series by Valerie Wolzien
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

This series started in 1987 and is set in Connecticut. It features Susan Henshaw, a suburban housewife in quiet Hancock Connecticut. Susan becomes the perfect suburban sleuth in this fantastic...

Tallie Graver Mystery Series
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Misty Simon writes the Tallie Graver Mystery Series which started in October 2017. It features Tallulah Graver who married wealthy Waldo Phillips to escape her family business, the Graver Funeral...

Tangled Web Mystery Series
Category: Crochet/Knitting/Weaving

Sadie Hartwell (aka Susannah Hardy) writes the Tangled Web Mystery Series which started in 2015 and is set in Connecticut. It features Josie Blair who moves from New York city back to her hometown...

The Country Club Murders Mystery Series by Julie Mulhern
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

Julie Mulhern writes The Country Club Murders which started in February 2015 and is set in 1970's Kansas City, Missouri. It features Ellison Russell who offers us a glimpse of life behind the...

The Myrtle Clover Mystery Series  by Elizabeth Spann Craig
Category: Amatuer Sleuth

The sleepy town of Bradley, North Carolina, might not be as quiet as it seems. Murders happen at a steady rate and octogenarian amateur sleuth Myrtle Clover is determined to solve them before her...