Drowning the Daffodils (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #4)

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Drowning the Daffodils (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #4) by Cindy Bell
Publication Date: 
March 2014

When Vicky has a fight with her handsome boyfriend, Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Slate, she is happy to bury herself in her work to try and forget about their tiff. The perfect distraction is provided by the family reunion of the wealthy and influential Carter family which is being held at the Heavenly Highland Inn. Vicky is responsible for organizing the weekend-long celebration. She is determined to make everything as special as possible for the family.

But then, a member of the family is found dead. An elderly guest at the inn, Wilbur Arbor, believes he saw the family member murdered, but with the death ruled as an accident and the prime witness with less than perfect eyesight, Vicky does not believe he saw what he thought he did. However, Aunt Ida believes Wilbur and convinces Vicky to investigate further.

Will Vicky’s investigations land her in trouble? Will Vicky’s sleuthing come between her and Mitchell or will it bring them together? Will zany Aunt Ida be too distracted by her flirtatious ways to save Vicky or will she come to her rescue?