The Chocolate Cupid Killings (Chocoholic Series #9)

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The Chocolate Cupid Killings (Chocoholic Series #9) by Joanna Carl
Series Name: 
Publication Date: 
October 2009
Holiday/Season/Special Event: 
Valentines Day

Ninth in the scrumptious-and national bestselling-Chocoholic Mystery series.

TenHuis Chocolade is wall-to- wall with chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day. But Lee is getting no love from Private Detective Derrick Valentine.

He's looking for their employee-a woman Lee and her Aunt Nettie have been harboring for an underground railroad-type organization that aids abused women. Luckily, they manage to not spill the cocoa beans and clue him in.

But the situation becomes a complex confection when Valentine meets his end. And it's Aunt Nettie who becomes a suspect. Lee will have to find a way to free Nettie of guilt without exposing the innocent-and find a killer with a bitter heart that's definitely not made of chocolate...