Cappuccino at the Crypt (St. Polycarp School Mystery #2)

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Cappuccino at the Crypt (St. Polycarp School Mystery #2)
Publication Date: 
August 2014

Father Felix, Head master and parish priest at St. Polycarp Church and school is on his way to Palermo, Sicily with a wild bunch of teenage girls from St. Hilda's school. He is sharing chaperone duties with Amelia Johnston and Julia Hopwood, both teachers at St. Polycarp and incorrigible amateur detectives, or snoopy busy-bodies in father Felix's mind, who credit themselves with solving the recent murder of Ms. Pinkerton at St. Polycarp School. Ms. Johnston and Ms. Hopwood think their trip is just an exciting week away during the long summer break and the pay is good, but Father Felix is on a mission and it could be dangerous. A confession of a terrible secret haunts him. He cannot break the confessional bond but volunteered for the trip to Sicily with his teachers to try to right a wrong. The secret is buried in the famous crypts in Palermo where the gruesome displays of dead bodies and dead priests are not for the faint-hearted. Father Felix only hopes that he doesn't end up in the collection and Ms. Johnston and Ms. Hopwood only hope they don't end up spending more time with the loutish girls from St. Hilda's.