Bones to Pick (Sarah Booth Delaney Series #6)

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Bones to Pick (Sarah Booth Delaney Series #6) by Carolyn Haines
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Dahlia House is haunted. No big revelation for those who know me and my family, but on this cold November morning as I sit and watch the sun gild the harvested cotton fields with a false show of silver I am acutely aware of the specters of the past. I suppose in one way or another, we are all haunted, though some of us more than others.

In my haste to get to a pre-dawn murder scene, I accidentally picked up my mother’s car coat from the hook by the back door. Standing over the body of a dead twenty-three-year old woman, I inhaled my mother’s scent from the folds of her coat. I heard the words she told me when I was ten, grieving the death of a pet...