Board Stiff (Mattie Winston Mystery Series #5)

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Board Stiff (Mattie Winston Mystery Series #5) by Annelise Ryan
Publication Date: 
March 2014

You betcha! Wisconsin RN, Mattie Winston, is wryly cynical, politically incorrect, and inherently nosy, traits that suit her well when she trades in her hospital scrubs and OR table for a plastic apron and autopsy table. As a Deputy Coroner, she still gets to use her slicing and dicing skills, but now instead of saving people's lives, she is dedicated to finding out how and why they died. It's a whole new world for Mattie, one that includes a hunky homicide detective, a new hairdresser whose office just happens to be in the basement of a funeral home, and a supporting cast of quirky characters who keep things entertaining. When murder and mayhem come to town, Mattie's anatomical knowledge and no-nonsense approach help her sort out these crimes despite her knack for stumbling into trouble. Sorting out her love life, however, proves a bit more challenging. Come along for this laugh-a-minute ride and see if you can figure out whodunit before Mattie does.