Whispers in Winter (Bess Bullock Mystery #4)

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Whispers in Winter (Bess Bullock Mystery #4) by Allen Boyer
Publication Date: 
January 2014
Holiday/Season/Special Event: 

Everywhere she looks in her retirement home, Bess Bullock finds that winter is a season for secrets. First, there is the secret of The Cross Stitch Six, a group of talented sewers who conspire to keep a secret about one of their deceased members. Then there is Donna Gilmore, who breaks her silence to Bess about a long held belief that she is being stalked by someone in the Honey Hills Retirement Center. Even Bess's friend, Alma Crisp, is not immune from a secret that she harbors. A secret that inadvertently puts Alma's moral reputation at risk. Yet, the most unsettling secret that Bess discovers involves the previous occupants of her home. When she learns that her neighbors suspect that a murder took place in her house right before Bess moved in, it leads her to question everything that she once loved about her "perfect home." As a former police detective, Bess must summon up her skills for observation and detection to restore calm to her winter at the Honey Hills Retirement Center.