Veterinarian Themed Cozy Mysteries

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Below you'll find cozy mystery books that have a veterinarian theme. Please feel free to suggest a Veterinarian Themed Cozy Mystery Series that we may have missed.

Dr. McKenzie Series by Claudia Bishop

Meet the McKenzies.
On their farm nestled in upstate Trumansburg, New York, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline keep themselves busy looking after a variety of ailing farm animals and pets in poor health. But while they may be able to mend creatures great and small, they...

Klepto Cat Mystery Series

Patricia Fry writes the Klepto Cat Mystery series which started in June 2013 and is set in California. It features a veterinarian who is currently working as a vet tech, Savannah and her klepto cat Rags. They have temporarily moved into her Aunt Margaret's home after auntie broke her foot in her...

Mandy Bell Mystery Series Abigail Deuel

Abigail Deuel writes the Mandy Bell Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Wisconsin. It features veterinarian, Mandy Bell and her Border collie sidekick who solve murders. A colleague and classmate from vet school has passed away and left her veterinary clinic and house to Mandy....

Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Series by Cynthia Baxter

Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Series features veterinarian Jessica Popper and her 4 legged friends, Westie, Max, Lou the Dalmatian, aging pussycat Catherine the Great, Tinkerbell, a tiger kitten, Prometheus, a Blue and Gold Macaw and a chameleon Leilani.