So Long at the Fair (Reverend Bernard Paltoquet #5)

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So Long at the Fair (Reverend Bernard Paltoquet #5)
Publication Date: 
March 2014

The fifth novel in the Reverend Paltoquet series focuses on a miscarriage of justice back in the 1890s and how it shaped lives and events that followed.

Just how can a woman keep throwing herself off the top of the big wheel at a South London fair? Two little girls witness a beautiful woman doing just that when they visit the fair back in the 1890s. In the late 1950s she is still falling off the wheel and Dr Robbie MacTavish is a witness, as is a small boy, Ronnie Fisher, the great nephew of the Reverend Bernard Paltoquet’s housekeeper, Mrs Harper (known affectionately as ‘Mrs Aitch’).

Albert Williams, the plumber who supplies the vicarage with a much needed new boiler, turns out to be the grandson of Olivia Ayrton-Williams, a woman who was killed when she was pushed off the big wheel in 1895. Hal Grant, Albert’s rival for the affections of the lovely Bonita Murray, is the grandson of the man wrongly convicted and hung for Olivia’s murder.

Bernard and Robbie set about trying to piece together the events of over half a century ago, with the help of the redoubtable Chief Inspector Neverholme. Just who is the woman who keeps falling off the big wheel? It soon becomes clear she was the victim of a vicious murder and that her purpose is to clear the name of the man who was wrongfully hanged for it.