Slip and Go Die (Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries #1)

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Slip and Go Die (Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries #1) by Sharon Rose
Publication Date: 
January 2012
Holiday/Season/Special Event: 
Snow Storm

Old Beulah Henry slipped on the ice and died. A terrible accident say the local police. But why did Beulah leave her cabin without a coat? It was thirty below in Parson's Cove. Someone must have forced her, amateur sleuth Mabel Wickles suggests to her friend Flori. Nobody seems to know anything, and Mabel is becoming frustrated. When Mabel witnesses some strange goings-on one night in the vacant house next door, she perks up. A person or persons unknown appear to be using the empty house for nefarious purposes. Could they be connected to Beulaha's death? Mabel suspects they might and she sets out to investigate. But Mabel should be cautious. One unsuspecting resident of Parsona's Cove has already slipped and died. Mabel might be next.