Santa's Last Muffin (Hansel & Pretzel Mystery #1)

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Santa's Last Muffin (Hansel & Pretzel Mystery #1)
Publication Date: 
September 2017
Holiday/Season/Special Event: 

Yuletide season seems to be a merry time in Kitchener, Ontario. Everyone is enjoying the town’s traditional Christkindl Market, until Santa Claus is discovered – with a knife stuck in his back …

The murder investigation cancels Linn Sommer’s date with her big crush, the handsome police inspector Bas van de Groot. But wait and see, isn’t her cup of tea. Working at the German bakery "Hansel & Pretzel", she starts digging into the late Santa. His reportedly perfect niceness resembles puff pastry: The more layers she reveals, the naughtier the secrets that emerge. With visits from ghosts of Christmas past, she not only zeroes in on the killer, but also stumbles upon the true reason why Bas doesn’t have any time for her anymore …