Peak Season for Murder (Leigh Girard Mystery #4)

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Peak Season for Murder (Leigh Girard Mystery #4) by Gail Lukasik
Publication Date: 
October 2013

Twenty-three years ago local actress Danielle Moyer vanished after starring in a play at the Bayside Theater. Her body was never found.

Now the specter of her ghost has returned to haunt the Bayside Theater or so it seems. A series of pranks is plaguing the theater and someone is leaving clues in the abandoned Moyer cabin.

Door County Gazette reporter Leigh Girard, who’s writing an article on the theater, chalks the pranks up to theatrical hijinks. She’s engrossed in investigating the murder of Brownie Lawrence, a formerly homeless man she befriended.

Desperate to prove his long-time friend, Ken Albright didn’t kill Brownie, Leigh digs into Brownie’s past and discovers Brownie wasn’t Brownie. He’d assumed another’s man identity. But she’s no closer to proving Albright innocent.

When the theatrical hijinks turn deadly, Leigh suspects that the fate of Danielle Moyer has triggered a murderous revenge. What she never expects to find is a killer so vengeful—anyone is fair game including her.