O’Nelligan and Plunkett Mystery Series

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O’Nelligan and Plunkett Series Michael Nethercott
Detective & Police & Gov't Agency
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New in 2013

Michael Nethercott writes the O’Nelligan and Plunkett mystery series which started in October 2013 and is set in mid-1950’s Connecticut. It features Mr. O’Nelligan and Lee Plunkett, an unlikely pair of sleuths... Mr. O'Nelligan is an Irish-born widower in his early sixties living in the small town of Thetford, Connecticut. Mr. O’Nelligan assists Lee Plunkett, a young man who has reluctantly inherited his father's private eye agency. Though Lee Plunkett is the one with the official investigator's license, he is, in a sense, actually the "Watson" of the duo, as well as the narrator.

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