Murder at Moreland Manor (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #1)

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Murder at Moreland Manor (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #1)
Publication Date: 
July 2016

MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR features clever, young Regency miss Juliette Abbott, who has just lost her position as paid companion to a titled London lady, and has now reluctantly agreed to serve as lady’s maid to one of five young ladies who have been invited to a house party in the country at Morland Manor, in the hope of catching the eye of the wealthy Morland heir. But when a shocking murder occurs, and nothing at the house party goes as planned, suddenly all fingers point to Juliette Abbott as the number one suspect! Juliette soon realizes that the only way to climb out of the muddle is to solve the mystery herself, otherwise she'll also lose this position wearing a new gewgaw around her neck, this one made of rope!