Murder Misunderstood (Kay Driscoll Mystery Series #5)

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Murder Misunderstood (Kay Driscoll Mystery Series #5)
Publication Date: 
April 2019

A privileged and unlikeable newcomer arrives in Sudbury Falls. This not-so-welcome addition to the community furthermore has an unsettling hobby: cultivating a poisonous garden. When the newcomer is discovered dead, the neighbors are somewhat relieved, yet someone must be held responsible for the crime. The unfortunate accused, desperate to prove her innocence, asks Kay Driscoll to investigate the crime and discover the real culprit(s).

Kay faces obstacles as she seeks answers from those who knew the unpopular murder victim. Cooperation is difficult to obtain when many people are happy to see the victim gone. Nevertheless, Kay's investigations take her on an adventure with unexpected twists and a diverse lineup of potential suspects.

A fortune teller from a traveling carnival with a strong and suspicious interest in the victim's poison garden, adds to the mystery and intrigue of this riveting tale.