Murder in Mayfair (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #2)

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Murder in Mayfair (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #2)
Publication Date: 
January 2017

Fresh from Morland Manor, clever, young Juliette Abbott is living with her former employer Lady Carstairs' niece, Miss Cathleen Haworth. The two young ladies have been cataloguing Lady Carstairs' priceless artifacts in preparation to dispose of them. Suddenly Juliette finds herself drawn into a mystery surrounding the tragic murder of a London curiosity dealer.

With only two likely suspects and no funds to hire a Bow Street detective to investigate the crime, Juliette is left to unravel the mystery herself. Attempting to uncover who could have killed the handsome gentleman, who made female hearts flutter and whom everyone declares was the kindest, most thoughtful man alive, keeps Juliette awake at night and on her toes every day.
Can she succeed without putting herself in jeopardy, or will the killer strike again before Juliette successfully sorts things out?