Murder in Margate (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #3)

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Murder in Margate (Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery #3)
Publication Date: 
September 2017

What begins as a relaxing holiday for Juliette in the seaside village of Margate quickly turns into an anxiety-riddled nightmare! Once Juliette and her friend Miss Cathleen Haworth are settled in the picturesque seaside village, things go vastly awry when the younger sister of Juliette’s new friend in Margate goes missing and Juliette finds the girl’s abigail dead on a ledge below a cliff! As she searches for clues to the killer’s identity, and the missing girl, yet another young lady is found murdered!

Just when Juliette believes she can prove who the guilty party is, she instead finds herself squarely in the cross-hairs of a Kentish smuggling ring who have vowed to dispatch her to the bottom of the sea! Can Miss Abbott find a way out of this confusing puzzle, or is she destined to become yet one more murder in Margate?