Murder and Mega Millions (High Desert Mystery #6)

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Murder and Mega Millions (High Desert Mystery #6)
Publication Date: 
April 2018

She picked the winning numbers. She won millions. Is that why she was murdered?

But who did it? Melissa’s no-good uncle or her ex-con brother who she hasn’t seen for years? Could they both be prime suspects? And what about her maid and her abusive husband-to-be? Is being known as a prominent philanthropist or antique collector a reason to commit murder? Yes, Palm Springs, California, is like a different world to most people, but is it different enough that ego justifies murder?

And are the rich really that much different than you and me?

When Marty’s wealthy new appraisal client is murdered, things get messy. Her husband’s the lead detective on the case, and he needs her to help him solve the murder.

Can Marty’s psychic sister help? How can Patron, her young boxer dog, seem to sense when she’s in danger? And what about the ghost her sister sees? Could she really be the murder victim’s mother?