Killing the Carnations (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #3)

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Killing the Carnations (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #3) by Cindy Bell
Publication Date: 
January 2014

The Heavenly Highland Inn is buzzing with the attendees of the conference of a multi-million dollar company, Ballant Industries. With business finally booming and her relationship with Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Slate blossoming, Vicky couldn’t be happier.

But then, one of the conference attendees is found dead in his room. With Aunt Ida’s new love interest as the prime suspect, she ropes Vicky into investigating the murder. Flamboyant Aunt Ida will do whatever she can to clear his name but has the wool been pulled over her eyes.

Is Aunt Ida’s new flame really a murderer? Are Vicky and Aunt Ida in over their heads? Will Mitchell be able to keep them safe? Or will they be in a dangerous situation they cannot get out of?