Honeymoon Falls Mystery Series

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Honeymoon Falls Mystery Series by Allan Emerson
Detective & Police & Gov't Agency
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New in 2015

Allan Emerson writes the Honeymoon Falls Mystery series which started in June 2015 and is set in Canada. It features Captain Will Halsey, head of Honeymoon Falls' three-person police force. Care for some marital murder? Enjoy a nice parade? Then it's time to visit Honeymoon Falls, the little resort town that celebrates all things matrimonial. In the first book... when the body of writer Iris Morland is discovered in full bridal array atop a gigantic wedding cake parade float, Honeymoon Falls is left reeling. Not only is its reputation as "the Romance Capital of the World" at risk, its very survival is threatened. Murder, it seems, has a chilling effect on those considering venues for potential nuptials.

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