Hide and Snoop (Odelia Grey Mystery Series #7)

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Hide and Snoop (Odelia Grey Mystery Series #7) by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Publication Date: 
September 2012

Beloved, plus-sized sleuth Odelia Grey fights for her job—and her life

A merger at Odelia Grey’s law firm has put her job in jeopardy. Her new, icy-cold boss, Erica Mayfield, has it in for Odelia. The humiliation and stress triples when Erica dumps Lily, her three-year-old niece, with Odelia and disappears for the weekend. The nerve! Pumped for a confrontation, Odelia impulsively goes to her boss’s house in the middle of the night — and finds Erica’s sister murdered. Odelia’s madcap attempt to prove her innocence and find Erica lead her to a black market baby ring run by an unlikely crop of criminals.