Fore! In the Hole (Kirk Lake Camp #4)

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Fore! In the Hole (Kirk Lake Camp #4)
Publication Date: 
May 2018

After spending a peaceful and relaxed winter in a small village in Nova Scotia Charlene is back in Ontario to open her cottage resort for another noisy and hectic season of catering to strangers, working long days with no break for months.

It started well. The geology students were back and a group of women from a women's shelter had a chance to unwind a little and let mother nature help soothe their worries. It didn't end well. Her angst over the man she left behind on the east coast mixed with her resentment of the man she once loved who lived just a short drive away from the resort, caused Charlene as much stress and worry as the dead body discovered on her property just a week before the May long week-end.