Detective & Police Themed Cozy Mysteries

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Below you'll find cozy mystery series that have a Detective or Police theme. Please feel free to suggest a series that we may have missed.

Amber Reed CCIA Mystery Series by Zanna Mackenzie

Zanna Mackenzie writes the Amber Reed CCIA Mystery series which is set in England. It features Amber Reed who during the day works as a horoscope writer for a local paper and in the evenings she's a bar maid in a pub. It also features Charlie Huxton, an agent for the CCIA (Celebrity Crimes...

Armand Gamache Series by Louise Penny

This series takes place in Three Pines, a small rural village south of Montreal and features Inspector Gamache of the Sorete du Quebec. The experienced inspector goes about his discovery with a slow and steady approach to finding the real killer, but the truth comes out eventually. The first...

Barking Detective Mystery Series Waverly Curtis

Waverly Curtis is the pseudonym of Waverly Fitzgerald and Curt Colbert. Together they write the Barking Detective Mystery series which started in 2010 and is set in Seattle, Washington. It features P.I. Geri Sullivan and her talking Chihuahua, Pepe.

Berger and Mitry Mysteries Series by David Handler

This series started in 2001 and is set in Connecticut. It features New York Film critic/author Mitch Berger and Connecticut State trooper Desiree Mitry. Mitch recently lost his wife to cancer and has become a recluse. His editor talks him into taking a non-film assignment in Connecticut where he...

Beryl and Edwina Mystery Series

Jessica Ellicott (aka Jessie Crockett & Jessica Estevao) writes the Beryl and Edwina Mystery Series which started in October 2017 and is set in England. It features Beryl Helliwell who is a boisterous American and Edwina Davenport, a very proper British woman. They become roommates and...

Blue Moon Investigations Mystery Series

Steve Higgs writes the Blue Moon Investigations Mystery series which is set in England and started in 2017. It features Tempest Michaels who after retiring from the army opens a detective agency. Tempest Michaels is a paranormal investigator by a misprint in an ad who doesn't believe in the...

Capucine Culinary Series by Alexander Campion

Alexander Campion writes the Capucine Culinary Series which started in 2010 and takes place in France. It features 28-year-old Parisian Police Detective Capucine Le Tellier and her portly food critic husband.

Cate Kinkaid Files Mystery Series Lorena McCourtney

This series started in 2012. It features Cate who is desperate for a job. She has no private investigator series but goes to work as an assistant private investigator for her Uncle Joe's Belmont Investigations.

Constable Evans Series Rhys Bowen

A refugee from city life, Constable Evan Evans hardly gets a chance to settle down in Llanfair, a secluded Welsh village with plenty of local color, before he must investigate the murder of two hikers on a mountain.

This series has ended but it is well worth giving it a try.

Damien Dickens Mystery Series by Phyllis Entis

Phyllis Entis writes the Damien Dickens Mystery series which started in 2015 and is set in New Jersey. It features P.I. Damien Dickens.

Desert Flowers Mystery Series

Lee Hollis writes the Desert Flowers Mystery Series which is set in Palm Springs, California. It features Poppy Harmon who goes from complacent retiree to penniless widow in a matter of weeks. The idea of spending her golden years as the biggest charity case in Palm Springs renders her...

Detective Parrott Mystery Series

Saralyn Richard writes the Detective Parrott Mystery Series and is set in Pennsylvania. It features Dectective Oliver Parrott. In the first novel he is called to a country estate the morning after an elaborate birthday party where a murder occurred. When Parrott learns the deceased is the...

Dix Dodd Mystery by NL Wilson

N.L. Wilson (aka Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty) writes the Dix Dodd Mystery series which is set in England. It features Dix Dodd who is tired of getting no respect at the big P.I. firm where she’s worked for years. At age 40 she ventures out on her own and sets up her own P.I. firm.

Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James Series by Deborah Crombie

Award winning author Deborah Crombie writes the Kincaid & James Mystery Series which started in 1993 and takes place in London, England. It features Duncan Kincaid, Police Superintendent and his down-to-earth Police Sergeant Gemma James.

Granny Reid Mystery Series

G.A. McKevett writes the Granny Reid Mystery Series which started in October 2018 and is set in Georgia. It features Granny Reid, previously known as Stella Reid who used to run the Moonlight Magnolia Agency.

Honeymoon Falls Mystery Series by Allan Emerson

Allan Emerson writes the Honeymoon Falls Mystery series which started in June 2015 and is set in Canada. It features Captain Will Halsey, head of Honeymoon Falls' three-person police force. Care for some marital murder? Enjoy a nice parade? Then it's time to visit Honeymoon Falls, the little...

Jenkins & Burns Mysteries Series  by Laura Bradford

Laura Bradford writes the Jenkins & Burns Mystery series which takes place in New Jersey and started in 2005. There are three books in this series and they have now been re-issued under new names as e-books. The series features reporter Elise Jenkins and Detective Mitch Burns. They live...

Kenni Lowry Mystery Series

Tonya Kappes writes the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series which started in June 2016 and is set in Kentucky. It features Sheriff Kenni Lowry who likes to think the zero crime rate in Cottonwood, Kentucky is due to her being sheriff, but she quickly discovers the ghost of her grandfather, the town’s...

Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series by Julie Moffett

Julie Moffett writes the Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series which is set in DC. It features Lexi Carmichael, computer geek extraordinaire. She spends her days stopping computer hackers at the National Security Agency. And her nights? Those she spends avoiding her mother and eating cereal for dinner...

Liz Talbot Mystery Series by Susan Boyer

Susan Boyer writes The Liz Talbot Mystery Series which started in 2012 and takes place in South Carolina. It features modern Southern belle and Private Investigator Liz Talbot. Liz carries a Sig 9 in her Kate Spade handbag, and her golden retriever, Rhett, rides shotgun in her hybrid Escape....

Liza Radley Housewife Detective Chronicles  Jenna Mattison

Jenna Mattison writes the Liza Radley Housewife Detective Chronicles which started in 2013 and is set in Boston, Massachusetts. It features housewife turned private eye Liza Radley. She teams up with detective Jack Parella to form the "Crimes of the Heart Detective Agency".

Lola Cruz Mystery Series by Misa Ramirez

This series started in 2009 and takes place in California. It features Delores (Lola) Cruz, a private detective at Camacho and Associates by day and a waitress at the restaurant owned by her family, Abuelitas, by night.

Mac Faraday Mystery Series by Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr writes the Mac Faraday Mystery series which started in 2010 and is set in Maryland. It features rags-to-riches Mac Faraday, an underpaid homicide detective who inherits two-hundred-and-seventy million dollars and an estate on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, from his birth mother on the...

Mall Cop Mystery Series by Laura DiSilverio

Mall Cop Mystery Series started in 2011 and set in Virginia. It features security officer and war vet EJ Ferris.

Margie Peterson Mystery  Karen MacInerney

Karen MacInerney writes the Margie Peterson Mystery Series which started in 2014 and is set in Austin, Texas. Margie Peterson is a typical stay-at-home mom until she trades dishes for detective work to become Austin’s least likely PI. Soon she’s knee-deep in cheating husbands, transvestites,...

Merry Wrath Mystery Series by Leslie Langtry

Leslie Langtry writes the Merry Wrath Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Iowa. CIA agent Merry Wrath is "accidently" outted, and she's forced into early retirement. Merry changes her appearance, and moves where no one will ever find her—Iowa. Instead of black bag drops in...

Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series by Leighann Dobbs

Leighann Dobbs writes the Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series which started in November 2014 and is set in Maine. It features retired police consultants Dominic Benedetti and Claire Watkins who are forced to team up to catch the killer. Too bad Claire and Dom don't always see eye to eye......

Mrs. Bundle Mystery Series by Allison Cesario Paton

Allison Cesario Paton writes the Mrs. Bundle Mystery series which started in 2003 and is set in Vermont. It features Mrs. Bundle who is a woman of mature age living in farm country in Vermont. Mrs. Bundle has a fledgling B and C Detective Agency and solves mysteries with her cat, Cracker, who "...

Mrs. Jefferies Series by Emily Brightwell

Inspector Witherspoon's dedicated housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries keeps things running smoothly and is quite clever at putting Witherspoon on the right track in case after case. In fact, Mrs. Jeffries' polished detective skills prove once again that behind every great man, there's a great woman....

O’Nelligan and Plunkett Series Michael Nethercott

Michael Nethercott writes the O’Nelligan and Plunkett mystery series which started in October 2013 and is set in mid-1950’s Connecticut. It features Mr. O’Nelligan and Lee Plunkett, an unlikely pair of sleuths... Mr. O'Nelligan is an Irish-born widower in his early sixties living in the small...