A Deadly Serious Gardening Contest (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #7)

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A Deadly Serious Gardening Contest (Heavenly Highland Inn Mystery #7) by Cindy Bell
Publication Date: 
October 2014

A popular magazine ‘Garnish your Garden’ has chosen the Heavenly Highland Inn as the venue for their gardening contest. The inn is buzzing in anticipation of the contest that will be held over the weekend as Sarah and Vicky are in full swing organising the inn for the event. Sarah is trying to get Vicky to set the date of her wedding to charming Detective Mitchell Slate but Vicky is trying to avoid the subject. Meanwhile Aunt Ida is caught up with her new fitness regime which she has persuaded her biker boyfriend, Rex, to participate in.

The gardening contest has a rocky start as the contestants are at loggerheads. Then disaster strikes when one of the contestants is found dead. Sheriff McDonnell wants the contest to continue because the husband of one of the contestants is very influential in the community. There are a number of suspects and when another guest disappears, it is a race to find the truth before another tragedy occurs.

Will Vicky find out who the murderer is in time or will her snooping lead her into a dangerous situation she cannot get out of? Will Vicky ever set a date to marry her hunky fiancé or will she get cold feet and call off the engagement?