Cozy Mystery Series Set in Wisconsin

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Below you'll find a list of cozy mystery series that are set in Wisconsin. Please feel free to suggest a cozy mystery series that we may have missed.

Annie Malone Mystery Series  Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose writes the Annie Malone Mystery series that started in 2012 and is set in Wisconsin. It features ghostwriter Annie Malone. Annie, and her new friend, Lizzy, become embroiled in a murder mystery in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. These amateur women sleuths need to figure out...

Deputy Donut Mystery Series

Ginger Bolton (aka Janet Bolin) writes the Deputy Donut Mystery Series which started in January 2018 and is set in Wisconsin. It features Emily Westhill who runs the best donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby Deputy Donut.

Fudge Shop Mystery by Christine DeSmet

Christine DeSmet writes the Fudge Shop Mystery Series which starts in September 2013 and is set in Wisconsin. It features Ava Oosterling who operates a copper-kettle fudge shop on the docks of Fishers’ Harbor, Wisconsin.

Ava wants to make fudge famous in the tourist haven of Door County—...

Ginger Stevens Mystery Series Liv Parker

Liv Parker writes the Ginger Stevens Mystery series which started in February 2016 and is set in Wisconsin. It features business owner Ginger Stevens. Ginger sells architectural artifacts and salvage pieces for commercial and residential spaces. In the first book, MOCKED, Ginger finds herself...

Kay Driscoll Mystery Series  by Susan Bernhardt

Susan Bernhardt writes the Kay Driscoll Mystery Series which is set in Wisconsin and started in January 2014. It features fifty-something Kay Driscoll, a retired nurse and newcomer to the insular town of Sudbury Falls in northern Wisconsin. With her new friends, the free-spirited herbalist...

Leigh Girard Mystery Series by Gail Lukasik

Gail Lukasik writes the Leigh Girard Mystery series which started in 2006 and is set in Door County Wisconsin. It features Chicago native, Leigh Girard who has fled to Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, a remote artist community on the Door County peninsula, to heal from her recent mastectomy. “Cancer does...

Mack's Bar Mystery Series by Allyson K. Abbott

Allyson K. Abbott, AKA Beth Amos and Annelise Ryan (Mattie Winston Series) writes the Mack's Bar Mystery series which started in August 2013 and is set in Wisconsin. It features bar owner, Mack Dalton. She has a nose for trouble—literally. A neurological glitch has left her with extra perceptive...

Mandy Bell Mystery Series Abigail Deuel

Abigail Deuel writes the Mandy Bell Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Wisconsin. It features veterinarian, Mandy Bell and her Border collie sidekick who solve murders. A colleague and classmate from vet school has passed away and left her veterinary clinic and house to Mandy....

Mattie Winston Mystery Series by Annelise Ryan

This series started in 2009 and takes place in Wisconsin. It features Mattie Winston who is recently divorced and quit her job as a nurse when she found out her husband was cheating on her with another nurse. She is now a deputy coroner.

Noshes Up North Mystery Series by Mary Grace Murphy

Mary Grace Murphy writes the Noshes Up North Mystery series which started in January 2014 and is set in Wisconsin. It features Nell Bailey, a retired teacher who struggles with her weight. She decides to start a food blog and restaurant review site that gets her involved in murders.

Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries by Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose writes the Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries series which started in 2011 and is set in Wisconsin. It features amateur sleuth Mabel Wickles and her best friend Flori.

PTA Mystery Series by Laura Alden

Laura writes the PTA Mystery Series which takes place in Wisconsin and started in 2010. Her first book in this series was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. The PTA Mystery Series features Beth Kennedy who is single with two young children. She owns a children's bookstore and...

Queen Bee Series by Hannah Reed

Set in the fictional town of Moraine, Wisconsin, Story Fischer is gearing up for National Honey Month (September). Her messy divorce is final. Her store, The Wild Clover, is very successful and is the only local grocery. It is a truly unique mercantile, as the building was formerly a church,...