Cozy Mystery Series Set in South Carolina

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Below you'll find a list of cozy mystery series that are set in South Carolina. Some of these cozy series focus on libraries, bookstores and even a farmers' market! Please feel free to suggest a cozy mystery series that we may have missed.

Bunco Babe Mysteries by Gail Oust

This series takes place in South Carolina and started in 2009. It features the Bunco Babes, retirees who play Bunco twice a month, who live at Serenity Cove Estates. They find plenty to do include solving murders.

Cat in Trouble Mystery Series by Sweeney, Leann

This series is set in South Carolina and started in 2009. It features Jillian Hart who is a recent widow and is rebuilding her life. She has three cats--Chablis, Syrah and Merlot. She is a quilter and makes quilts for cats-- business is thriving.

Death on Demand Series by Carolyn Hart

Carolyn Hart writes the Death on Demand mystery series which started in 1987 and is set in South Carolina. It features Annie Laurance who sells books and solves murders with equal flair at her small town bookstore.

Elliott Lisbon Mystery  Kendel Lynn

Kendel Lynn writes the Elliott Lisbon Mystery series which is set on an island in South Carolina and started in 2013. It features Elliott Lisbon, who balances life as the director of a charity with the quirky antics of the eccentric board members. She is working on getting her P.I. license--...

Farmers' Market Mystery Series by Paige Shelton

Paige Shelton writes the Farmers' Market Mystery series which takes place in South Carolina. It features Becca Robins who owns a berry and pumpkin-producing farm and makes jams and preserves and sells them at Farmers' Markets.

Liz Talbot Mystery Series by Susan Boyer

Susan Boyer writes The Liz Talbot Mystery Series which started in 2012 and takes place in South Carolina. It features modern Southern belle and Private Investigator Liz Talbot. Liz carries a Sig 9 in her Kate Spade handbag, and her golden retriever, Rhett, rides shotgun in her hybrid Escape....

Renaissance Faire Mysteries Series by Joyce & Jim Lavene

This series started in 2008 and set in South Carolina. It features assistant college professor and USC doctoral candidate Jessie Morton who also studies medieval crafts every summer at Columbia, S.C.'s Renaissance Faire Village. She finds herself entangled in murders.

Dorothy St. James writes the Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery Series which starts in September 2017 and is set in South Carolina. It features Charity Penn who moves to the seaside town of Camellia Beach to investigate the death of her friend. Soon she starts to work at The Chocolate Box.

Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Victoria "Tori" Sinclair is thrilled to begin her new job as head librarian of Sweet Briar, South Carolina's library. Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair has been the talk of the tiny town. She's busy at work, winning over the sewing circle, and...

Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs

This series takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. It features Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning who solves murders.

Teeny Templeton Mystery  Michael Lee West

Michael Lee West writes the Teeny Templeton Mystery series which started in 2012 and is set in South Carolina. It features out-of-work Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton. This series is full of quirky characters and southern charm.