Cozy Mystery Series Set in Nevada

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Below you'll find a list of cozy mystery series that are set in New Jersey. Please feel free to suggest a cozy mystery series that we may have missed.

Costume Shop Mystery Series Diane Vallere

Diane Vallere writes the Costume Shop Mystery series which started in February 2016 and is set in Nevada. It features former magician’s assistant Margo Tamblyn who returns home to Proper City, Nevada, to run her family’s costume shop business, Disguise DeLimit.

Mags Rogers Series Rita Mae Brown

This series started in 2011 by Brown (author of the Mrs. Murphy series) that takes place in Nevada. The main characters are a wire-haired dachshund, Baxter and former Wall Street trader Mags Rogers. Mags leaves her ruined Wall Street career to live with her aunt on Wings Ranch to reassemble her...

Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Series by Kathi Daley

Kathi Daley writes the Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery series. This is a full length cozy mystery series set in the alpine town of Serenity, Nevada, on the idyllic north shore of Paradise Lake. Serenity is home to Maggie’s Hideaway, the lakeside resort where high school coach and teacher Tj...

Zoe Donovan Mystery Series by Kathi Daley

Kathi Daley writes the Zoe Donovan Mystery series which is set in Nevada and started in 2013. This is a cozy-lite mystery series set in the small lakeside town of Ashton Falls, a quaint village with a big heart but a tiny local budget. Each short novel focuses on a simple murder mystery against...