Cozy Mystery Series Set in Maine

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Below you'll find a list of cozy mystery series that are set in Maine. Some of these cozy series focus on home improvement, real estate, quaint bed & breakfast inns, culinary and needlepoint! Please feel free to suggest a cozy mystery series that we may have missed.

Blackmoore Sisters Mystery Series by Leighann Dobbs

Leighann Dobbs writes the Blackmoore Sisters Romantic Cozy Mystery Series which started in 2013 and is set in Maine. It features four sisters who offer herbal remedies and crystal healing for locals and tourists alike. Add in the mix a sleuthing cat and hints of witchery!

Candy Holliday Series by B. B. Haywood

In the seaside village of Cape Willington, Maine, Candy Holliday has an idyllic life tending to the Blueberry Acres farm she runs with her father. She's an amateur sleuth who solves murders. The fourth book in this series, Town in a Pumpkin Bash is set to release in February 2013.

Darby Farr Mystery Series by Vicki Doudera

Vicki Doudera writes the Darby Farr Mystery series which started in 2010 and takes place on Hurricane Harbor, Maine. It features real estate agent Darby Farrr. Darby moved to California to forget her controlling aunt who raised her after her parents' death. She returns to Hurricane Harbor to...

Do-It-Yourself Mystery Series by Jennie Bentley

This series started in 2008 and is set in Maine. Inheriting her aunt’s old Maine cottage has led Avery Baker down a new career path—home renovation. Finding a property’s hidden potential has rewards and challenges—not to mention certain unanticipated dangers. Like murder…

Emma Fielding Mystery Series

Dana Cameron writes the Emma Fielding Mystery Series which is set in various states on the East Coast and in England. Brilliant, dedicated, and driven, archaeologist Emma Fielding finds things that have been lost for hundreds of years -- and she's very, very good at it.

Gray Whale Inn Mystery Series by Karen MacInerney

This series is set off the coast of Maine on quaint Cranberry Island. The main character, Natalie Barnes quit her job and sold her house and purchased the Gray Whale Inn. This was an Agatha-nominated series. Each book contains several delicious recipes.

Hayley Powell Food and Cocktail Mysteries by Lee Hollis

This series started in 2012 and takes place in Bar Harbor, Maine. It features single mom, Hayley Powell. Hayley is the new food writer at the Island Times... the only problem is she's an office manager, not a writer. Hayley needs the money so agrees to take the new position. Hayley finds plenty...

Home Repair is Homicide Series by Sarah Graves

Amateur sleuth Jacobia Tiptree lives in Eastport, Maine after leaving her job as a financial adviser in New York. She has purchased an old home that needs repair and lives there with her teenage son Sam. Jake, as she is known to her friends, also moved from New York to get away from her...

Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series by Kaitlyn Dunnett

Kaitlyn Dunnett aka Kathy Lynn Emerson writes the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series which started in 2007 and is set in Maine. It features professional Scottish dancer Liss MacCrimmon. Liss suffers a career-ending knee injury and returns to her hometown, Moosetookalook, Maine, to recover and...

Lucy Stone Series by Leslie Meier

Lucy Stone, is a reporter in the fictional town of Tinker’s Cove, Maine, where she lives in an old farmhouse (quite similar to mine on Cape Cod!) with her restoration carpenter husband Bill and four children. These books are holiday-based.

Leslie Matthews Stansfield Leslie Matthews Stansfield

Leslie Matthews Stansfield writes Madeline's Teahouse Series which started in 2012 and is set in Maine. The series features two sisters who start a teahouse. After the death of their mother, sisters Terry and Karen Sutter, turn their childhood home into a teahouse. It’s a dream come true, but...

Maine Clambake Mystery Series  by Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross writes the Maine Clambake Mystery series which started in September 2013 and takes place in Maine. It features Julia Snowden who returns to her hometown of Busman’s Harbor, Maine to rescue her family’s struggling clambake business. In the first book in this series Julia finds...

Mainely Needlepoint Mystery by Lea Wait

Lea Wait writes the Mainely Needlepoint Mystery series which started in January 2015 and is set in Maine. It features Angie Curtis who left Haven Harbor, Maine when she was 18 to escape her mother’s legacy. Now it’s ten years later, her mother’s body has been found, and she’s pulled back into a...

Mara Tusconi Mystery Series  Charlene DAvanzo

Charlene DAvanzo writes the Mara Tusconi Mystery Series which starts in May 2016 and is set in Maine. It features oceanographer Mara Tusconi. In the first book Mara investigates something much hotter than the ocean’s temperature––a potential murder aboard Research Vessel Endeavor.


Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series by Leighann Dobbs

Leighann Dobbs writes the Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series which started in November 2014 and is set in Maine. It features retired police consultants Dominic Benedetti and Claire Watkins who are forced to team up to catch the killer. Too bad Claire and Dom don't always see eye to eye......

Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery Series by Allison Kingsley

Cousins and best friends, Clara and Stephanie Quinn run The Raven's Nest Bookstore, where people go to find their most coveted reads. But they have no idea it's the psychically-gifted Clara who's reading them... Set in Finn's Harbor, Maine, Stephanie Quinn Dowd owns The Raven's Nest Bookstore....

Rocky Cove Mystery Series by Summer Prescott

Summer Prescott writes the Rocky Cove Mystery series - which is set in Maine and started in 2015. It features Divorced caterer Becca Rogers. As she caters some high end events, she finds herself well out of her comfort zone, and well above her league.

Second Chance Cat Mystery Series Sophie Ryan

Sofie Ryan, (aka Darlene Ryan and Sofie Kelly) writes the Second Chance Cat Mystery Series which started in April 2014 and is set in Maine. It features Sarah Grayson who is the happy proprietor of Second Chance, a charming shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine. At the shop, she...

Sunny & Shadow Mystery Series by Claire Donnelly

This series started in May 2012 and takes place in Maine. It features Sunny Coolidge who returns to Maine after leaving her job at a New York City newspaper to take care of her ailing father.

The Dulcie Chambers Mysteries Kerry Charles

Kerry J Charles writes the The Dulcie Chambers Mysteries series which started in 2013 and is set in Maine. It features Dr. Dulcinea ("Dulcie") Chambers, Chief Curator at the Maine Museum of Art. Dulcie not only has her hands full with museum business... she also finds herself solving murders...