Cozy Mystery Series Set in Iowa

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Below you'll find a list of cozy mystery series that are set in Iowa. Please feel free to suggest a cozy mystery series that we may have missed.

Merry Wrath Mystery Series by Leslie Langtry

Leslie Langtry writes the Merry Wrath Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in Iowa. CIA agent Merry Wrath is "accidently" outted, and she's forced into early retirement. Merry changes her appearance, and moves where no one will ever find her—Iowa. Instead of black bag drops in...

Ophelia and Abby Mystery Series by Shirley Damsgaard

Shirley writes the Ophelia and Abby Mystery series which started in 2005 and is set in Iowa. It features Ophelia Jensen, a Librarian & Abby, Ophelia's Grandmother. They are both witches who solve murders.

River's Edge Mystery Series Elaine Orr

Elaine Orr writes the River's Edge Cozy Mystery series which started in November 2015 and is set in Iowa. It features ex-reporter Melanie Perkins who has taken a job as a landscaper.

Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries Series by Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen writes the Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries series which started in 2006 and takes place in Iowa It features recently divorced Brandy Borne who has moved back home with her mother. The series also features Sushi, Brandy's blind Shih Tzu. In the 1st novel a shifty antiques dealer...