Cozy Camping (Lexie Starr Series #6)

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Cozy Camping (Lexie Starr Series #6) by Jeanne Glidewell
Publication Date: 
July 2014

On their first wedding anniversary, Lexie Starr is surprised by her husband, Stone, with a family RV'ing vacation to Cheyenne, Wyoming, during the annual Frontier Days celebration.

While there, Lexie and her daughter, Wendy, overhear a heated conversation between the park's owner and the egotistical Fanny Finch, a bestselling author penning an unauthorized tell-all book. When Fanny is discovered dead, Lexie launches her own impromptu investigation.

As every question proves that more than one Cozy Camping RV'er has it in for Fanny, one point becomes clear: the sarcastic and patronizing detective leading the investigation has his eye on the wrong person.