The Body in the Cast (Faith Fairchild Series #5)

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The Body in the Cast (Faith Fairchild Series #5) by Katherine Hall Page
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The Body in the Cast Hollywood has come to town — and Faith Fairchild has to feed it! Hired to cater meals for the movie crew that is filming a modern-day version of The Scarlet Letter in the tiny New England village of Aleford, Faith is eager to treat the talented tantrum-throwers to the best of her culinary delights. But an accusation that her famous Black Bean Soup is poison has left a bad taste in Faith's mouth. Her exploration into the source of the nasty slander leads the amateur investigator behind the scenes to a shocking off-camera murder. And suddely more than Faith's reputation is at stake — her life itself could end up on the cutting room floor.

The fifth clever cozy featuring caterer-turned-sleuth Faith Fairchild. The town of Aleford is in the midst of an ugly campaign for Selectman when a film crew arrives to make a contemporary version of The Scarlet Letter. Faith is hired to cater the meals, and when one of the more vile candidates for Selectman turns up dead while visiting the filming, Faith goes to work to find a killer. Martin's.