The Body in the Basement (Faith Fairchild Series #6)

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The Body in the Basement (Faith Fairchild Series #6) by Katherine Hall Page
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A Good Foundation ... For Murder

Pix Miller, Faith Fairchild's next-door neighbor, expects to find more than a hole in the ground when she goes to check on the progress of the summer cottage the Fairchilds are having built on Maine's Sanpere Island. She expects a concrete foundation. What she doesn't expect is a very dead body wrapped in a very valuable antique quilt! The deceased is a local handyman with a suspiciously lucrative sideline in antiques. Sharing her friend Faith's inquisitive nature, Pix resolves to restore Sanpere's shattered peace. But by digging too deeply the determined Ms. Miller just might be arranging another burial — her own!

Saddled down by her successful catering business, Faith Fairchild asks her friend Pix Mitchell to check on the progress of the new summer cottage the Fairchild's are having built. Pix goes to the building site and finds the project behind schedule--and a corpse shrouded in a quilt and partially buried in the basement foundation. Against advice, Pix investigates. Martin's Press.