Barkley's Treasure (Tj Jensen Southern Seashore #1)

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Barkley's Treasure (Tj Jensen Southern Seashore #1)
Publication Date: 
April 2016
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Barkley's Treasure is a spinoff of the popular Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Series. In the book, Tj packs up four cats, three dogs, two sisters, and good friends Kyle Donovan and Stan Griffin, for a trip cross country after she decides to spend the summer helping a friend of the family renovate the island resort he has been forced to sell. Tj hopes the trip will help her adjust to her new circumstance after a series of events leave her feeling adrift in a rowboat without a paddle.

Her first day at the resort she stumbles upon a dead treasure hunter named Buck and a parrot named Blackbeard with a clue to Buck's killer. The local deputy has the body cremated after declaring the death due to natural causes, but based on evidence at the scene, it seems evident the deputy is lying to cover up a murder. Tj, Kyle, and Doc, are sure there is more going on than it would appear on the surface, so they launch an investigation of their own to find out why.

This new spinoff will feature both favorites from the original series as well as colorful residents of Gull Island and The Turtle Cove Resort.