Amateur Sleuth Themed Cozy Mystery Series

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Below you'll find cozy mystery series that have an Amateur Sleuth theme. Please feel free to suggest a series that we may have missed.
Lysi Weston Mystery Series by Nancy Curteman

Nancy Curteman writes the Lysi Weston Mystery series which started in and is set all around the world. Lysi's home base is San Franciso, Lysi is a corporate trainer and solves murders.

Maggie McGill Mystery Series by Sharon Burch Toner

Sharon Burch Toner writes the Maggie McGill Mystery series which is set in California. It features psychotherapist Maggie McGill and her 30-something daughter, Allie. Maggie lives in Florida and Allie lives in California. In the first book in this series Maggie takes a vacation to California...

Maggie Morgan Mystery Series by Michelle Goff

Michelle Goff writes the Maggie Morgan Mystery series which started October 2014 in and is set in Kentucky. It features amateur sleuth Maggie Morgan. She lives in Sugar Creek, a small community nestled in the hills and hollows of eastern Kentucky and solves murders.

Maine Murder Mystery Series

Cornelia Kidd (aka Lea Wait) writes the Maine Murder Mystery Series which started in June 2018 and is set in Maine. It features Anna Winslow, her husband Burt and their teenage son who have deep roots on Quarry Island, Maine. Burt and his brother, Carl, are lobstermen, just like their father and...

Mara Tusconi Mystery Series  Charlene DAvanzo

Charlene DAvanzo writes the Mara Tusconi Mystery Series which started in May 2016 and is set in Maine. It features oceanographer Mara Tusconi. In the first book Mara investigates something much hotter than the ocean’s temperature––a potential murder aboard Research Vessel Endeavor.


Martha's Vineyard Mystery Series  by Cynthia Riggs

Cynthia Riggs writes the Martha's Vineyard Mystery Series which started in and is set in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. It features amateur sleuth Victoria Trumbull, a feisty ninety-two-year-old who refuses to let the aches and pains of age stop her from enjoying her multifarious activities...

Mary & Carol Higgins Clark Holiday Series Carol Higgins Clark

Carol Higgins Clark and her mother Mary Higgins Clark teamed up to write a Christmas Holiday series featuring Regan Reilly, the dynamic young sleuth featured in the novels of Carol Higgins Clark and Alvirah Meehan, Mary Higgins Clark’s famous lottery winner and amateur detective. Regan and Jack...

Maternal Instincts Mystery Series by Diana Orgain

This series started in 2009 and is set in San Francisco. It features Kate Connolly who is a new mom and amateur sleuth.

Math Puzzle Mystery Series by Casey Mayes

As Casey, Tim writes the Math Puzzle Mystery Series which started in 2010. It features Math whiz Savannah Stone and Zach, her retired police chief husband. It takes place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a small town in North Carolina. Savannah makes a living creating Math...

Mattie Winston Mystery Series by Annelise Ryan

This series started in 2009 and takes place in Wisconsin. It features Mattie Winston who is recently divorced and quit her job as a nurse when she found out her husband was cheating on her with another nurse. She is now a deputy coroner.

Mayfield Mystery Series by Jerusha Jones

Jerusha Jones writes the Mayfield Mystery series which is set in Washington state. It features amateur sleuth Nora Sheldon. Her husband, Skip is kidnapped while they’re on their honeymoon and Nora finds herself mixed up with the FBI while trying to find answers about her husband's past. Nora...

Meg Langslow Series by Donna Andrews

This is an award-winning New York Times bestselling series which started in 1998 and is set in Virginia. It features blacksmith, Meg Langslow who lives in a small town and is always running into murders. You'll find plenty of quirky plots and characters.

Merry & Bright Handcrafted Mystery Series

Christina Freeburn writes the Merry & Bright Handcrafted Mystery Series which started in January 2019. It features Merry Winters who loves three things: Christmas, crafting and her family. To regain purpose and joy, Merry hits the road to a Christmas vendor event with her furry sidekick...

Miniature Mysteries Series by Margaret Grace

Margaret Grace writes The Miniature Mysteries Series which started in 2008 and takes place in California. It features Geraldine Porter, a retired school teacher who now loves to create miniatures.

Ministry is Murder Mystery Series by Emile Richards

This series set in Ohio and started in 2005. It features Aggie Sloan-Wilcox, a Minister's wife who deals with everyday life and raising a family. They just moved from the busy DC area to a small town in Ohio and Aggie finds herself dealing with relatives and busybody paritioners and solving...

Miss Julia Mystery Series

Ann B Ross writes the Miss Julia Mystery Series which is set in North Carolina. It features wealthy widow Julia Springer. In the first book Hazel Marie Puckett and her nine-year-old son, Little Lloyd, show up on Julia's doorstep and Miss Julia receives the shock of her long and proper life....

Murder on Location Sara Rosett

Sara Rosett writes the Murder on Location Mystery series which started in 2014 and is set in England. It features Location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, Kate Sharp. In the first 2 books Kate is sent to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and...

Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery Series

Jeanne Burrows-Johnson writes the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery Series which is set in Hawaii. It features retired travel writer Natalie Seachrist who has had visions since childhood. Natalie together with her friend Keoni Hewiit, a retired homicide detective, solve murders.

Nina Bannister Mystery Series by T'Gracie Reese and Joe Reese

T'Gracie Reese and Joe Reese write the Nina Bannister Mystery series which started in 2013 and is set in Mississippi. It features retired English teacher and village elder Nina Bannister who lives in Bay St. Lucy, a sleepy little Gulf Coast community. In the first book the residents of Bay St...

Oakwood Mystery Series

Leslie Nagel writes the Oakwood Mystery Series which started in 2016 and is set in Ohio. Join amateur sleuth Charley Carpenter as she assists Detective Marcus Trenault with some of the most confounding and sinister cases in their quaint hometown's history. Together they navigate the tidy lawns,...

Odelia Grey Mystery Series by Sue Ann Jaffarian

This series started in 2001 and is set in California. It features never-married, middle-aged, plus-sized woman, Odelia Grey who is a paralegal and amateur sleuth.

Otter Lake Mystery Series Auralee Wallace

Auralee Wallace writes the Otter Lake Mystery series which started in March 2016 and is set in New Hampshire. It features Erica Bloom who is in no rush to return to Otter Lake, the site of her mother's spiritual retreat for women. But her new-age-y, well-meaning mother is losing her grip on the...

Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries by Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose writes the Parson's Cove Cozy Mysteries series which started in 2011 and is set in Wisconsin. It features amateur sleuth Mabel Wickles and her best friend Flori.

Pen & Ink Mystery Murder

Krista Davis writes the Pen & Ink Mystery Murder Series which started in February 2018 and is set in Washington DC. By day, Florrie Fox manages Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington D.C. By night, she creates her own intricately detailed coloring books for adults, filling the...

Pineapple Cay Mystery Series Junie Coffey

Junie Coffey writes the Pineapple Cay Mystery series which is set in the Caribbean. It features accidental detective Nina Spark. Nina Spark bought a house off the internet. On a sunny Caribbean island she’d never heard of before. Things seemed to get off to a good start. Nina’s new hometown is...

Pineapple Port Cozy Mystery Series Amy Vansant

Amy Vansant writes the Pineapple Port Cozy Mystery series which is set in Florida. It features Charlotte who is in her twenties but lives in a retirement community. She has lived there a long time with her grandmother before she died and has found a way to incorporate herself into all the...

Piper O'Donnell Social Lite Mystery Series by Jennifer Vido

Jennifer Vido writes the Piper O'Donnell Social Lite Mystery series which started in 2011 and is set in Ohio. It features small town socialite Piper O'Donnell. Along with her boyfriend, private eye Rusty, and sister Penelope she solves murders.

Poppy McAllister Mystery Series

Libby Klein writes the Poppy McAllister Mystery Series which started in January 2018 and is set in New Jersey. It features newly widowed and stuck in a middle-aged funk, Poppy McAllister who has been running on cookies, infomercials, and one-sided chats with her cat for months.

Postmistress Mystery Series by Jean Flowers

Jean Flowers writes the Postmistress Mystery series which starts in November 2015 and is set in Massachusetts. It features Cassie Miller who decides to return to her small hometown in the Berkshires to lick her wounds and live in the house where she was raised. Leaving behind her managerial...

Quick Flick Series by Nikki Spryer

Nikki Spryer writes the Quick Flick Mystery series which is set in different locations and started in 2014. Each book features different main characters as they set out to solve murders.